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Artist Statement

Have you ever looked at and seen beauty in something so mundane? A puddle on the street, a reflection in a metal cup,

the color shifts in one’s eyes? I find these beautifully mundane moments everywhere I go, and I love to recreate them with a brush.

Changing the hue to represent an object’s shadow, using varying strokes to imply patterns, applying transitional shades

for a seamless blend - as an artist, I use these techniques to bring out the beauty in the mundane.

These small details are what transform something from dull to vibrant, flat to dimensional, and ordinary to exciting.


About the Artist

Based out of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jade Bryan is a graduate of

Roanoke College, with a BA in Art, focused on painting and graphic design.

Her preferred mediums are oil paint, acrylic paint, and graphic design.

She specializes in near-realism portraiture and still-life studies.

This online portfolio works to display final pieces and purchase options in addition to explorations and works in progress. Enjoy!

Contact Jade

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